Jul 30, 2016
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Food Handlers

We are certified to teach the Food Handlers Certification classes in Illinois. We administer a Food Handlers Test and provide the Food Handlers Card to all students. You may take the class online or with a group onsite at your facility.

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Dietitian Consulting

Working together to bring better nutrition to those you serve.

Nutrition Care Systems, Inc., provides nutrition consultation services for healthcare providers. Our proactive leadership style and ability to seamlessly adapt to our clients’ operating structures help us achieve compliance, superior clinical proficiency and operational efficiency for our clients — as we work together to bring better nutrition to the people we serve.

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Nutrition Intervention and Wound Care

Proper nutrition is essential for wound healing because the body can require an increased amount of protein, calories, vitamins and minerals. Pressure sores or pressure ulcers/injuries are defined by the Mayo Clinic as “injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. These ulcers/injuries often develop on the skin that covers ... [ Read More ]

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