Jan 18, 2017
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Delicious Menus

The expectations for superb dining and health-conscious food are growing. As residents’ expectations change, so must we — to provide person-centered dining options that are attractive to them and their families. Nutrition Care Systems can help you develop menus reflecting this new clientele and their expectations — so that you can exceed them.

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Dietitian Consulting

Working together to bring better nutrition to those you serve.

Nutrition Care Systems, Inc., provides nutrition consultation services for healthcare providers. Our proactive leadership style and ability to seamlessly adapt to our clients’ operating structures help us achieve compliance, superior clinical proficiency and operational efficiency for our clients — as we work together to bring better nutrition to the people we serve.

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Fortifying and Enhancing Foods

In long term care, we are often working with elderly residents who unfortunately feel like eating is a chore. It is quite common for an elderly person to have a decreased or poor appetite as they age. But nursing homes must be creative in offering foods to their residents who have diminished food intake. Some ... [ Read More ]

Malnutrition and the elderly resident

According to the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity and Aging, nearly 35-50% of older residents in long term care facilities are malnourished.  Malnutrition is a major concern because it can cause adverse outcomes. Studies show malnourished older adults make more visits to physicians, hospitals and emergency rooms. Malnutrition can impact morbidity, mortality, length ... [ Read More ]

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