Jan 24, 2018
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Delicious Menus

The expectations for superb dining and health-conscious food are growing. As residents’ expectations change, so must we — to provide person-centered dining options that are attractive to them and their families. Nutrition Care Systems can help you develop menus reflecting this new clientele and their expectations — so that you can exceed them.

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Accurate Weight Measurements

Accuracy with weight measurements is essential for residents in the long-term care setting.  Weight measurement is used to calculate energy, protein and fluid needs. It is used as an indicator of nutritional and health status and changes in weight can often indicate other medical changes.  Inaccurate weight measurements can result in an increased number of ... [ Read More ]

When supplements should be considered for a resident

Knowing when to order supplements and when to refrain can be a challenge. Supplements may be a helpful intervention for inadequate intake and weight loss, but can also be costly, ineffective, and potentially harmful if used improperly. Keep the following guidelines in mind when considering the use of a supplement. When to Order: According to ... [ Read More ]

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