Apr 9, 2020
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Experienced. Knowledgeable. (And downright likable).

Our team gets it. We understand the world you work in, because it’s our world, too. We’ve put together a team that includes our industry’s most successful and innovative dietary professionals. We understand food service and safety and the specialized challenges residents of all abilities and disease–states may face, including enteral, parenteral, renal and gerontological nutrition.

Just as important, we’re likable. We know how to share our experience in friendly, supportive ways — so we can grow your strengths and sharpen the areas that need it. And because no two facilities are alike, we adapt ourselves 100% to the needs of every client.

Lisa Stewart

President & CEO

As president and CEO Lisa wears many hats and oversees all operations of the of company founded by her mother, Dorothy, in 1993. With a mind for operational excellence and passion for the people behind the care, she is committed to following her mother’s philosophy of keeping clients, residents, and staff well served. Lisa is always on the lookout for new trends to promote positive outcomes for our clients and team of dietitians.

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Staci Bettiker MS, RD, LDN

Sr. Vice President & COO

Staci Bettiker

Staci has spent her entire career in long term care.  With her passion for person-centered care and innovative solutions, she provides direction, leadership and training to clients and dietitians throughout the Midwest.  She has a knack for aligning cost control strategies with cutting edge clinical nutrition and food-service management systems to those we serve.

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Amy (Durward) Hook, RD, LDN

Western Regional Manager

Amy Hook RD LDN

Amy collaborates with staff to offer excellent support of client’s nutrition and food service needs. Utilizing her industry knowledge she is able to assist in balancing facility budgets through creative cost saving measures. One of her clinical strengths is her passion for educating residents and client’s on the vital role of nutrition in wound prevention and treatment.

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Angie Windhorst RD, LDN

Sanitation Manager


An expert on sanitation, Angie is dedicated to teaching and training both co-workers and clients. She authors articles, analyzes school lunch menus and has enteral and parenteral nutrition expertise.

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Lorie Butler, MS, RD, LDN/CDN

CDP Manager of Off-Site Services

Lorie Butler MS RD LDN/CDN

Lorie is passionate about coaching clients in nutrition and regulatory requirements.  Her years as a Federal Surveyor give her an exceptional eye for regulatory compliance.   Lorie’s love of sharing her knowledge and skills makes her a sought-after public speaker.

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Dorothy Stewart RD, LDN

Founder & Chairman

Our founder is experienced in all areas of nutrition, including CMS regulations, sanitation, bariatrics and operations. Her passion is aligning cost control strategies with facilities and working alongside teams like yours.