Claire Hortenstine, Consultant Dietitian

Nutrition Care Systems Consultant Dietitian, Claire Hortenstine, has always loved learning and knowledge. It is a passion she now shares with NCS.

“When I was younger, I thought I wanted to be a librarian, to help people learn and expand their minds,” she shares. “I changed that goal to being a dietitian, still helping people learn and grow, just in a different manner.”

As a new graduate, Claire is illustrating her skills and education at NCS. According to her manager Leah Roeschley, she is an excellent addition to the team and “has embraced one of NCS’s key requirements … adaptability!”

“Claire can be counted on to do a job thoroughly and completely, caring for many residents with complex health issues. She gives her full time and attention to each client, looking for solutions to help improve the resident’s condition or keep them comfortable. She provides nutrition care and interventions that keep the whole picture in mind,” states Roeschley.

Claire admits two of her favorite parts of her position are the schedule flexibility and the incredibly supportive staff. However, the true highlight of her day is the opportunity to provide nutrition care for the older adult population.

Claire also broke down some of her favorite interests outside of work:

  • Kitchen Hack: Stay organized
  • Food to Eat: Watermelon
  • Favorite Place to Visit: Wisconsin Dells
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activity: Indoors – Reading/watching TV; Outdoors – walking/listening to music
  • Favorite Quote: “I love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal from the A-team

An interesting tidbit about Claire — and perhaps where her appreciation of wholesome food originates from — is she comes from a 5th generational farming family.

At NCS, we recognize that our talented team makes a difference in the lives of our clients, and we are grateful to have Claire Hortenstine on our team!

NCS Claire Hortenstine