Feb 24, 2020
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Staying on top of the ever-changing local, state and federal food safety regulations is a full-time job. Our experts help yours feel confident so they can focus on providing an exceptional experience to your residents by taking the guesswork out of these regulations. If a situation results in litigation or you face a dietary deficiency turnaround demand, we can provide guidance for a rapid resolution, just like we did with one of our clients, a 148-bed rehabilitation facility who turned to Nutrition Care Systems for assurance that the menus and recipes purchased by the facility from a contracted company met all the requirements of the State of Illinois and the Federal government.

During the facility’s most recent relicensure survey, the state surveyor asked to have the protein portion of the fish served at lunch weighed. After removing the breading from the fish and weighing the protein portion, the facility was found in violation for not following menus with a Scope and Severity of F, which means that a widespread number of people could be affected by this practice, a serious citation.

The facility’s menu/purchasing company was contacted and the Food Service Manager (FSM) started to weigh other food items only to find the same problem: many foods weighed less, some significantly less, than claimed on the menus and recipes.  When the FSM didn’t receive any help in assuring the accuracy of the menus and recipes, she turned to Nutrition Care Systems.

We went on a mission to correct the menus, even assisting the sister facilities in doing the same. The FSM weighed foods daily and adjusted the menus and recipes as needed, relying on us daily to ensure all the requirements were sufficiently met. Once the FSM had made the needed corrections, Nutrition Care Systems organized Menu Meetings with the sister facilities to ensure they were working from State and Federally compliant menus. Thanks to the Menu Meetings, the FSM at a sister facility quickly acted on the information we provided, changed what was needed and was found to be fully compliant during her State survey a few weeks later. Nutrition Care Systems was there to provide the guidance and support needed to achieve compliancy when the menu company and the corporate dietary consultant failed to do so.