Feb 25, 2020
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Person-Centered Dining

Increased competition and availability of options for residents means that long-term care facilities must improve the level of service they provide to attract and retain residents. Nutrition Care Systems is experienced in helping facilities provide a premier dining experience for residents while still maintaining a balanced budget. For an upscale 100-bed facility in a Chicago suburb, increased competition from neighboring facilities offering 5-star dining and spa services meant they needed Nutrition Care Systems to help them achieve premier status in the minds of residents and potential residents.

The administrator of the facility asked Nutrition Care Systems to observe his dining practices and help his facility achieve a “premier dining” atmosphere. We started by conducting an operational review of the facility’s dining operations, which included observing meal service and meal preparation practices, reviewing kitchen and dining room layout of equipment, tables, etc.  We also interviewed kitchen & nursing staff and residents regarding procedures and quality of dining practices — and experiences. We reviewed current menus and researched other facility dining practices to gain a better understanding of the competition and industry standards within their market.

From our findings, we put together a detailed and comprehensive proposal outlining recommendations that would help the facility achieve premier dining status, from the attire of wait staff to proposed names for the main dining room, in addition to making significant and detailed menu recommendations. We proposed a desired concept to be adopted by the facility — “Food and dining requirements are core components of quality of life and quality of care in nursing homes. We desire to further this concept by adopting Premiere Dining for all residents”. We even outlined the kitchen and dining room equipment required, as well as a proposed staff-to-resident ratio to enhance the dining experience at the facility.

By leveraging their strengths as an organization and finding opportunities for expanding their level of service to residents, Nutrition Care Systems helped this facility take a leap to the next level in attracting and retaining residents interested in a premier dining experience from their long-term care facility.