Lorie Butler, Dietitian

From dreams of being a Dallas Cowgirl to becoming a shining star at Nutrition Care Systems (NCS), dietitian Lorie Butler has been winning people over since day one.

“For the past ten years, Lorie has served NCS and their clients in various ways. Her “can do” attitude and “put me in coach” mentality truly is a benefit not only to NCS but to the clients we serve,” shares NCS Senior Vice President and COO Staci Bettiker. “Lorie has been instrumental in guiding NCS staff and clients through regulatory challenges and changes while making sure residents’ nutritional needs are met. One thing we can always count on — she is always giving her all to make sure clients, residents, and staff are taken care of.”

Although Lorie’s childhood dreams of cheerleading changed as she grew older, her spirit and dedication to her teammates are still strong.

“I love how, at NCS, we all help and support each other,” she shares. “I never feel alone, and they accept me, right down to my t-shirts and cowboy boots, listening when I have a “silly” question or a “bright” idea.”

As a dietitian, Lorie works closely with her facilities to help people “diffuse their fears,” from residents with a new diet/lifestyle to dietary managers and staff trying to serve and work in unique and unusual situations.

“I love feeling like I have made a difference,” says Lorie. “I feel like I have been able to make a positive difference in someone’s life—even if just for a moment.”

Lorie broke down some of her favorite interests outside of work:

  • Kitchen Hack: I layer tablecloths on our “reunion” table in the kitchen. We have had back-to-back events, especially around Christmas, so I have started layering tablecloths. When we finish an event and clear off the table, I am usually able to pull off the top cloth and reset the table/decorate it with the following tablecloth. I have done this with people still at the event, between the main course and dessert. Usually, family is here, and it cracks them up!!
  • Food to eat: I LOVE cheese…all sorts… I always like to try different ones. Also, I LOVE hot sauce! Cheese and hot sauce together are the best! (my favorite beverage is still coffee, especially local ones found at Farmer’s markets and vendor fairs).
  • Place to travel: I loved Italy and England, and my trip to Montana last year was tremendous, but my favorite place is Louisville, KY because that is where our grandbabies are! I also like going home to “the farm” whenever possible to be with my mom, dad, and brother.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Activity: I enjoy going to Farmer’s markets and Vendor fairs—I like finding the unusual and the unique and then sharing what I have found with family and friends.
  • Quote: “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me”

An interesting tidbit about Lorie is that dancing is her first love. She started taking lessons when she was just three years old.

When she is not busy working hard for NCS’s staff and clients, you can find her catching up with her family, doing a “wee bit of online shopping,” or dedicating time to her devotions.

At NCS, we recognize that our talented team makes a difference in the lives of our clients, and we are grateful to have Lorie on our team!