Holding Senior Hands

The theme for this year’s National Skilled Care Nursing Week (NSCNW) is, “Sharing our Wisdom” and will be from May 10-16, 2020. The observance is sponsored by the American Health Care Association and recognizes the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The American Health Care Association offers insight on the theme: “’Sharing Our Wisdom’ will celebrate skilled nursing centers, and their residents and staff, by showcasing the insight, purpose and wisdom to be learned from our seniors, those living with dementia and people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Residents offer a unique perspective based on their life experiences, reminding us to be present, celebrate the small moments, and value connections. NSNCW 2020 will focus on the collective wisdom that residents can offer and share.”

This year may be a challenge as how to best celebrate due to social distancing, and visitors and friends not being able to visit their loved ones. One thing we know is that facility staff is vitally important in caring for our residents and this deserves to be honored and celebrated.
This is a time to recognize your residents, their special relationships with staff, and the family members that all make up your community. Using technology to keep everyone connected is also a great way to prevent social isolation and help everyone have a better day!

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