The 30th Annual “Pride in Foodservice Week” is February 1st-5th, 2021. Founded by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) this is a week to celebrate your hard-working foodservice and nutrition staff and thank them for all that they do. Food Service staff work year-round to provide the best healthy meals for families everywhere. Their jobs are tiring and demanding requiring long hours each day in a typically hot kitchen. If you have ever read the job description of a food service employee, it can be quite daunting. They are responsible for purchasing, food preparation, cooking, serving, delivering, cleaning, following safety regulations, answering customer questions, accommodating special requests and multiple diet consistencies, lifting heavy pots, pans and supplies and feeding loved ones every day.

A simple thank you and small act of appreciation goes a long way. Below is a list of ideas to celebrate foodservice workers.

  1. Small gifts of appreciation
  2. Highlight staff: post their strengths, hobbies, or tips they would like to share to get to know staff better. List staff’s favorite recipes or healthy eating tips
  3. Celebrate your week with different themes each day.
  4. Spread Positivity: Ensure your staff knows that you recognize their hard work and dedication. Write notes to them throughout the week with kind sayings, such as “thank you,” “we appreciate you,” and “great job.”
  5. Enjoy a Meal Together

For more ideas download the Top 10 Ways to Celebrate ANFP’s Pride in Foodservice Week at


Pride In Food Service

Pride In Food Service