Jul 22, 2018
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Policy & Procedure Manual for Nutrition and Food Services in Healthcare


This manual is licensed to the purchaser for use at a single facility. After purchase, the password to open the document is emailed to the person that purchased the manual. Please help us control our costs by not sharing this manual in violation of the license agreement.

This product can only be purchased by members.


This searchable, downloadable policy & procedure manual contains a wide range of topics including:

  1. Menus and Specialized Diets
  2. Meal Service
  3. Food Production and Food Safety
  4. Sanitation and Infection Control
  5. Cleaning Instructions
  6. Safety
  7. Personnel/Training
  8. Clinical Documentation (including Nutrition Care Process)
  9. Anthropometrics
  10. Alternative Nutrition Interventions
  11. Quality Assurance Improvement
  12. Disaster Planning
  13. Index Cross Reference to the CMS Nursing Home F-Tags
  14. References and Resources

This comprehensive and best-selling manual is developed by Becky Dorner & Associates, Inc., with a regular Retail Price of $269.95.  You’re sure to see all the benefits at only a fraction of the cost when you purchase through us as we at Nutrition Care Systems, Inc., have negotiated a lower price for these manuals by purchasing in bulk for the benefit of our consulting clients.

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