Apr 9, 2020
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Telehealth and Telenutrition: The Dietitian’s Role During a Health Care Crisis

With the evolving technologies at our fingertips, and now with the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, use of Telehealth and communications has come to the forefront of helping serve our residents and is more valuable than ever.  Registered/Licensed Dietitians are a vital part of the interdisciplinary team and during this COVID-19 pandemic we may not able to … [ Read More ]

Menu ideas during COVID-19

Many long-term care facilities are having to change their policies and procedures on just about everything since the COVID-19 pandemic. All this is done to protect our residents and keep them as safe as possible. Food is still one of the most anticipated things for the resident. During this time, there may be a need … [ Read More ]

Proper sanitation and personal hygiene are now more important than ever

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has engulfed all our lives. It has affected the way we do our jobs and it certainly has changed the way we go about our normal everyday routine. Social distancing is the main phrase we think of daily. According to the CDC, the best way to prevent illness is … [ Read More ]

National Nutrition Month® 2020

National Nutrition Month® is an annual nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The campaign, celebrated each year during the month of March, focuses on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits. In addition, National Nutrition Month® promotes the Academy and its members … [ Read More ]

Multivitamin Use Among the Elderly

Proper nutrition at any age is important.  As one ages, eating habits may change but one thing remains consistent, nutritional needs should be obtained primarily from foods. Nutrient needs can be met through healthy eating patterns that include nutrient-dense foods which contain essential vitamins and minerals and also dietary fiber and other naturally occurring substances … [ Read More ]

Pride in Foodservice Week 2020

February 3-7, 2020 is designated “Pride in Foodservice Week” by the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP).  This recognition week celebrates food and nutrition professionals and other members of the nutrition services team for their hard work and dedication on the job. Nutrition and foodservice professionals are trained in understanding the basic nutritional needs of their … [ Read More ]

Goal Setting for 2020: How will your Food and Nutrition Services impact resident Care and reimbursement

Beginning a new year is such a hopeful time as there’s the sense of being given a fresh start every January 1st.   And with that comes time to set new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.  What better way to plan for 2020 than to reflect on a few of the major changes that … [ Read More ]

Food Labeling

The food label is a graphic that tells you the nutritional value of the food you are eating. It can be found on packaged foods in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for mandating the food label and it’s claims. Food labels can be useful for all consumers. However, individuals with … [ Read More ]

Tube Feeding Calculations in Long Term Care

A tube feeding is a medical device that is used to provide nutrition to a resident who may not be able to obtain proper nutrition orally or not able to swallow properly or safely. A feeding tube may be permanent or temporary for the treatment of acute or chronic conditions. Once a resident is either … [ Read More ]

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement programs for Food and Nutrition Services

The long-term care industry has seen vast changes the past several years.  From sweeping overhauls to regulatory requirements to changing the payment structure from Medicare.  In fact, the only thing that has remained constant is change.  With change, comes a newfound focus on policies, procedures and resident satisfaction.  On November 28th, 2019 nursing homes will … [ Read More ]