Feb 16, 2019
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MenuCare Systems

A better way to develop person-centered dining options

Delicious menu options with the nutrition your residents needThirty-five percent of residents leave at least a fourth of their meals uneaten. No matter how carefully you plan meals for optimal nutrition, residents can’t benefit if they don’t want to eat it.

That’s especially important given that Baby Boomers have higher expectations for their parents care — and their own. Staying competitive means delivering exceptional, person-centered dining options and health-conscious offerings. Our professional dietitians conduct clinical assessments, identify diet therapies and plan menus that deliver nutritional needs and delight palates.

MenuCare Systems

Our MenuCare Systems provide nutritious, cost-conscious menus that residents will want to eat, all built around your facility-specific menu preferences. We provide four-week menu cycles with therapeutic diet spreadsheets to meet residents’ specific nutritional needs

Hard Copy Menus

You’ll receive a complete set of standardized recipes with HACCP specifications — scaled to your facility census — and a nutritional analysis of regular diet menus to ensure that you meet state and federal guidelines. We also include food cost estimates based on average price schedules supplied by 3 major food distributors: Sysco, US Foods, and Gordon Food Service.


These are cloud based menus licensed from SNO, Simplified Nutrition Online. You can access our cloud-based menu system to download a broad variety of menus for many healthcare settings and customize menus and recipes to meet your needs at any time.  Instantly print tray cards, track resident food preferences and weight, reduce food waste and overproduction since SNO recipes automatically calculate quantities based on your exact resident census, specific diets, and ingredient lists.